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Certification Services  | Audit and Assurance Services  | Tax and Other Financial Advisory Services

  • Certification Services

In line with Financial Advisory and Sworn Financial Advisory Law, No:3568, documents and records of tax payers are reviewed and reported to the Board of Management. Our objective is to determine material and/or interpretative errors which may occur additional taxation and to provide taking precautions against them.

    • Certification Services of Income Tax and Corporation Tax
  • Audit of legal books and documents and financial statements in accordance with the scope of tax legislations.
  • Correction of errors inspected in audit process.
  • Review of Advance Tax Returns in accordance with legislations.
  • Review of Income Tax Returns and Corporation Tax Returns in accordance with legislations, then transfer the results to the Corporation Tax Certification Return.
  • Reporting audit results to the Board of Management periodically.
  • Other Certification Services
  • Certification of Paid-in Capital amount prior to capital increase,
  • Certification of Revaluation Fund and Other Internal Reserves which can be added to Capital,
  • Certification of Corporation Tax exempt profits,
  • Certification of VAT Refund,
  • Certification services about credit letters and tender guaranty demanded from banks.
  • Other certification services in line with Law No:3568 and Tax Procedure Law.